Tuesday, May 22, 2007

touchdown Volunteers

I received a random phone call today which ended up being a job offer from another hospital in town. It's actually a job that I had wanted before this one. I apologized that I was happy where I was and was pleased to share that their offer did not match what I was currently making. And I know for a fact that the benefits where I am now are better than theirs.

This is probably a good thing. If they had counter-offered more money I would have had to seriously consider it.

This makes the seventh job offer I have personally received this year. I am floored every time it happens.

I sent a text message to The Hater after I was off the phone. He replied this means I was "a blue chip nurse." I thought was a poker analogy, but he assures me it is a basketball analogy instead. Had it been a football analogy, no explaination would have been necessary.

The dead zone is fast approaching. The Hater never thought he would be rooting for Utah.

I'm ready for football time in Tennessee. There will be much orange in my office.


Arielle said...

Yeah, haven't you ever seen Blue Chips. Dial up your netflix honey.

Awesome news on the job offer, send some of those vibes this way.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens to super nurses. Congratulations. Step Vol is coming to see you next week.
Take care. VolMom

Mommavia said...

You are one wanted woman...but not America's Most Wanted, which may be a good thing! That should be a testament to what a fantastic nurse you are!

bill said...

Basketball? I thought it was financial. Either way, I'm quite pleased that your worth is noted.