Friday, May 04, 2007

planning spontaneity

We decided to be spontaneous last night. We went to bed early only to wake up before midnight and go across the street to see the first showing of Spiderman 3, knowing full well that we should be sleeping.

We thought it was a good movie. The Hater, former comic book nerd, says there were two scenes that should have been toned down. According to him: "In general, it followed the story line with the comic book, especially with the alien costume. The Sandman's special effects were cool. However, he has a fear that they should stop creating new Spiderman movies now; he's afraid that producing more movies with other villans will turn the Spiderman movies in the flop that was the Batman series (3-5) in the 1990s. Although "The Lizard" was a neat character, he doesn't think he's a bad guy worthy of a whole movie to himself."

I liked the Stan Lee cameo. It screamed of the days of Alfred Hitchcock.

We ended up going back to bed around 3 am. The alarm was nagging shortly thereafter.

But we're posting tonight to declare that we did it, and it's important for us to add that we were not the oldest people in the theater. It's been a long day -- and we're ready to go back to sleep.

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