Sunday, May 20, 2007

on picking and grinning

Sometimes I miss the sound of fiddles under the tall shade trees in the remade cow pasture that is now the home of the Bluegrass Reunion in Summertown. I don't miss the mosquitos or the humidity.

I plan on bringing back Dad's ukelele when I'm home for Sister's wedding. It's not exactly a violin, but if you come over and bring your guitar, we'll make do. We may also have to pretend that we have shade trees. There may or may not be mosquitos. Don't worry if you think you don't have any musical talent; we have plenty of spoons to go around.

Meanwhile, -- I've been fiddling with the blog template this weekend. I realized that I have been linked to blogs that no longer post anything. Although it was hard to delete those posters (most of them are real-life friends), their blogs have become duds. The novelty of the blog has worn thin, which I can certainly understand.

I'm getting excited about some upcoming things that will be going on with my job. Musical things. It's very possible that I have landed the greatest job in the universe. Until I know for sure, I think I'll just play it by ear.

Hum a few bars for me and I'll figure out how it goes.


Mommavia said...

Love the house! If you need some humidity and mosquitos, I'll drop them off on our way out to Cali!

bill said...

We've got some we can spare, too...but only a couple of supertankerloads. Sorry.

Arielle said...

House looks great! Save me some spoons. And thanks for not deleting me! :)