Thursday, August 05, 2010

where, oh where are you tonight

We're having technical difficulties with the mac tonight.

We're hoping that we can plug in the external hard drive and pull back all of our old pictures -- otherwise they're all gone.

As I type this Baby begins to cry in her crib... and I'm just holding my breath hoping I won't be doing the same thing tomorrow night.


Kelly said...

That is a gut sinking feeling. I'm so sorry. I hope you find everything. Those pictures you sent me are too sweet to loose! (Lose? Loose? I think I passed the 3rd grade, but I still don't know which one...)

Cerulean Bill said...

Oh, my goodness. Kelly puts it very well - it is a gut-sinking feeling. I hope that you can recover it.

Kelly said...

What a nightmare. Hoping so so so much that your pics reappear. Keep us posted.

Marian said...


I bought an external hard drive to store photos, videos, etc. Then it died. I still have it hoping one day it will resurrect itself. Fingers crossed here that you get yours back.

Trying hard not to make comments about Mac-o-philes and their computers that are supposed to be so wonderful.

Cerulean Bill said...

So -- did you cry in your crib the next night? That is what you meant to imply, right?