Tuesday, August 10, 2010

et voila

We have pictures.

I have a truckload of work ahead of me to move them off the laptop and onto the external hard drive, but we have them. Whew!

I can go back to thinking straight now.

Baby was really into what we called "playing retail" this afternoon. A Mom at daycare gave us a large garbage bag full of 18-24 month clothes for her to wear. I've already separated out the summer stuff from the long-sleeved and pants stuff. Today I put the sleeves and pants into an empty diaper box and Baby was insistent on helping. She ended up with a jumper and long sleeved shirt on a hanger that she carried all over the house. It came off of the hanger and she started moving the pieces all around from place to place in the house. She'd just flip them over her shoulder and walk around the couch. The Hater said it was practice for when she grows up and wants to shop all the time.

Baby was rocking the fork tonight at supper and eating small pieces of raw carrot with it - all by herself. She was very pleased with herself. We were tickled, too.

She has totally broken through one molar. The other three are lurking, but not pushing at the moment. Her poor little gums are red and pregnant, but they're not ready to pop yet. I hope we can have some reprieve before they erupt.

We are ever amused that the cat has become light years more social since the baby was born. She still stays hidden all day long and doesn't come out until baby has gone to bed, but she's now more social with visitors and more demanding from us. She's our other sweet little girl.


Kelly said...

Haha, better start saving for her retail future instead of college! Too cute!

Cerulean Bill said...


Harrison said...

I constantly live in fear that I am losing pictures all over my computers, phones and the internet!!! I just erased a pic from my blog and now literally it has vanished from the planet! Not on the hard drive, not on the internet. Gone! I have to get all my stuff organized and backed up stat! Darn you flickr, facebook, blogger, shutterfly...the list goes on...