Saturday, July 31, 2010

morning surprises

Baby and I went outside to play and mail a movie back to Netflix this morning. On our way back we stopped to look at the flowers. Baby loves the flowers. Apparently she loves baby snakes, too! We found this little guy dining on roley-poleys under the stella de oros.

I really wanted to get one of Baby holding it up by its tail, but every time we tried to pose her it kept curling up around her hand. The Hater was on "keep-it-out-of-her-mouth" duty, and I couldn't snap the picture and keep it from getting her at the same time. So this is the best we could do for the pose of baby's first snake encounter.


Anonymous said...

Love it! She's a TN girl at heart!

Ashley said...

Oh my word! Snakes! I hate them! Allen has to be on lifetime snake duty with the boys! No snakes for Mama! You're awesome for even wanting that picture. Snakes creep me out. Ew! Ew! Ew!

Kelly said...

Oh I agree with Ashley. Yucky yucky snakes!! Yuck!

I am "writing" something, but certainly not by November! I do worse with's my red personality, I guess =) Plus, I'm a crappy writer (especially when I'm pregnant and suffering from "placenta brain".) Haha!

Kelly said...

I love that you let her hold it! :)