Sunday, August 08, 2010

working for the weekend

Picture update: The computer has an appointment with a genius Tuesday afternoon. We routinely back up the computer every few weeks. So we've gone through and backed up the pictures that we've stored since the last "official" back-up. We're very hopeful that by Tuesday evening we'll all be back to normal.

Meanwhile we've had a great weekend. Baby went to a birthday party on Saturday and had such a good time. She climbed and went down the big slides by herself. She bounced and ate cake and played in 4th gear for two hours... then slept extremely well last night. We had a great time watching and playing, too. (And it was great to find a new place where we can take her to play when it's too hot to go to the zoo.)

New words and phrases for the weekend are:
  • walrus
  • "oh no"
  • pumpkin
  • turtle
  • (more exaggerated jabbers and babbling)
The Hater has just a few days off before he gets back to the grind, too. There are two good things about this: one, football season won't be far away, and, two, hopefully the oppressive heat of the summer will break soon. (This business of >9 days with the heat index over 100 is bad news.)

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Anonymous said...

Agreed a out the heat index. We were in Memphis last week and the daily temp all three days was 104-105 and the index was 115-118. Crazy heat needs to go away.