Friday, March 26, 2010

whole milk

Weaning continues... today we focused on diluting her formula with milk. I started that last night, and it was continued today. Tonight with supper her bottle had 75%+ milk. I think tomorrow morning we may try 100% cow milk.

This is all still in her bottle. We thought it'd be wise to convert her to cow milk first, then try to change the bottle so it wouldn't be too much too fast for her. I know I said that's what we'd be doing this weekend, but we're at least working in that direction.

Day care reported she took about three sips of water out of a sippy cup this afternoon for them. I bought some juice for her after work. I'm hoping some watered down sweet stuff will be enough to entice her with the sippy cup. Maybe once she figures out that good things can come from the sippy, too, she'll warm to it more quickly. Or she may be like I was and just plain refuse to drink milk out of a sippy cup.

We're watching Tennessee play Ohio State. So far it's a good, close game. The Hater is watching it on his laptop as CBS keeps cutting to another game. The Hater tells me that I need TN to win this game because the person in our bracket who is ahead of me picked Ohio State to win. I told him I'd be for TN even if it didn't help my bracket. Silly man.

Baby went down for the night about 6:30. She slept well last night, and I hope we have a repeat performance of that tonight. I'm also hoping that the milk doesn't hurt her tummy tonight. Her formula is cow milk-based, so it shouldn't bother her much (if at all).

Meanwhile, our other daughter has climbed up on the couch next to me and is content to sit next to me for now. I'm glad she's content to drink tap water out of a dirty bowl on the floor.

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Cerulean Bill said...

We found that adding a little Seagrams helps -- if not to her bottle, then to ours.