Sunday, March 21, 2010

snow bunny

We woke up this morning without more snow on the ground, although thats what they had predicted. We skated to church (The Hater acting as Jeeves), and decided to wait until after Baby's nap to get outside and play in the snow. Unfortunately, by the time she woke up, more than half of the white stuff was already gone. She wasn't as impressed by it as we were, but she did humor us enough to stand still for 15 seconds.

Meanwhile, I've dropped from first to second place in our sports bracket standings. I had my eggs in the Kansas basket, so now I'm pulling for Tennessee to take it all. The Hater has dropped to "way far down" in the bracket - so now he's torn between pulling for my teams and pulling for the underdog.

He's looked it up. He says he is tied for 4th place. (In his other bracket he's tied for 9th place.)
It's been a good day and a great weekend. We've played hard and napped hard, but we're still a little sad that it'll be Monday tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Daniel always roots for the underdog, no matter what. We were betting on Georgetown and they got put out early. It's not our year.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, little girl! We love you lots!!!
~Aunt Sister & Uncle Dandan~