Saturday, March 13, 2010

playing with the dorks

The Dorks are here! Baby has been so excited for all the extra attention, especially after she figured out that they weren't going to eat her.

Big Dork has created a house for her out of a cardboard box. I think we're more excited about it than she is, but she'll grow into it.

Big Dork and Little Dork have both read a ton of books to her, most of them multiple times.

She's now down for a nap. I'm trying to ease her into the time change. I thought it was going well, and then she woke up crazy early this morning. I tried for a little while to get her back to sleep, but then decided it was a great opportunity to further convert to DST, so we've been up since about 5 am.

I'm glad to report that last night was the first night in five where baby didn't have explosive poopy everywhere on her and in the crib. In fact, yesterday we only had one explosive diaper which conveniently happened right before her bath. I'm certain this is all teeth-related poopy because she's been fussy and chewing on her fingers like George Burns gnawed on a cigar. Although it's three days after when I had very good intentions to post a poopy everywhere story, here it is, somewhat belated:
Baby woke up a few times in the night and whined, but not with the whine that something was majorly wrong that I needed to fix. After I took my shower I went to wake her up. As soon as I opened her door I was punched with the smell of vomit. I turned the light on very dim and asked her if she had gotten sick. By now she was pulling up to stand in the crib, very happy baby babbling. I turned the light up a little bit more and picked her up. She reeked of vomit. I reached down to feel her bed. Sure enough, there was a damp spot. I held her, who was happy mind you, and went to get The Hater; this was more of a mess that I could do by myself. I told him she'd thrown up on everything and I needed his help to clean her and the bed up. He got up immediately to help. I put her on the changing table and noticed there was vomit all over her sleeper, even on the feet of it. I turned up the lights to normal and unbuttoned her sleeper to find that, indeed, this was not vomit we were dealing with. This was poopy. She'd had diarrhea at day care on Monday and Tuesday, too. (These damn teeth coming in!) The Hater took everything to the washing machine. I put baby in the sink and gave her a quick bath. She reeked of vomit-smelling poopy. She smelled much better after her bath. I hope she's not a poopy monster today at day care. Incidentally, last night one of the baby foods I gave her was broccoli and carrots. And this morning she had chunks of both in her diaper! Lovely!

Here's hoping that we have another wonderful day without an eventful poopy story.

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Mommavia said...

Ooooo, the vomit poop...nothing like it!