Thursday, March 04, 2010

cha-cha-cha-chia baby

Baby was born with lots of long, dark hair. Then it all fell out and she was peach fuzz baby for a while with a dark rat-tail that we called her "soul patch". Then it was blonde. Now people say, "Oh, your baby is blonde?", not knowing that both The Hater and I spent our first several years with blonde hair, halfway looking at us like we stole this baby from someone else more worthy of blonde hair.

These pictures aren't great, but as time moves on and her hair continues to grow, now it looks like it's going to curl. You can especially see this at the bottom of the first picture. My hair isn't curly, but Dad's is. The Hater has never had his hair long enough to know if it'd curl, but his brother grew his hair long and it was curly. Perhaps baby has hit the jackpot with two recessive genes? Only more time will tell. Hopefully at the least this means she'll grow into hair full of body.

And, no, you don't have to worry. I already have a bottle of detangler on hand for when we need it. That's one of those magical things that they should've had when I was younger. I want to avoid jerking out tangles with a fine toothed comb while muttering "beauty must suffer pain" to my daughter. That's one buck that will stop here.

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