Saturday, September 19, 2009

not at the zoo

The Hater is gone to Dallas for the weekend for work, which leaves the girls home alone to play with the camera and drool on things. We'll leave it up to your imagination as to who is doing what...

The plan for the was to meet some friends at the OKC Zoo. We had a 10% chance for rain... knowing that my daughter would be up before the crack of dawn I left it to the other mom to let me know when she wanted to go. Well, it's raining now, much to my dismay. I hope it either stops soon or that she calls with plan B. (Eventually we're going to get a family pass to the zoo so that we can have a destination when The Hater is gone (if for no other reason).

We started oatmeal last week for the baby. She made it 5 suppers without problems, but Thursday night was an exception. She had an awful night. She cried and cried and ended up dozing on my chest. She was really pitiful, even before she threw up all over me. Needless to say we've gone back to rice cereal and she's been fine since then. In a week or so we may try going halfsies with the oatmeal again.

Parenthood: an extreme exercise in trial and error.

Meanwhile, I decided it was time to find a new project to work on. I had bought one of these letters at a craft store with intentions of painting it, but remembered last night that I had a ton of magazine cuttings from a decopage project I did in college. I rummaged in the back of the closet and came up with them. It was fun. Haven't decided where it's going yet, but I think it looks good. You'll have to humor me because it doesn't look nearly as good in the picture... the colors really are deeper than in the photo... and the glossy finish bounces the flash. So look at the picture and imagine it way cooler than it actually appears :)

Someone is waking up. Morning nap #1 is almost over, but the rain looks like it's here for a while.

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Cerulean Bill said...

I take it that you're not able to practice the 'when the kid sleeps, you sleep' strategem...