Saturday, September 05, 2009

baby's first touchdown

(Baby practices the QB Sneak)

We were so excited to find that we'd be able to watch UT's first game of the season.  Unfortunately, the cable company lied about when it was coming on.  The Hater called them on the phone to see when the infomercial would be over...  and we were relieved to find that, indeed, we'd be able to watch the game.  We wondered how many other people in central Oklahoma called to complain about the infomercial.

Baby was so excited that she's jumped ahead to crawling backwards from time to time.  Although this isn't the best picture, you can see that she's figured out how to keep her knees under her... most of the time.  She responds very well to Mommy and Daddy clapping our hands and singing "Yay!" when she stays on her knees.  

We all dressed up for the big game.  We barely got this 6-month onesie on her.
She looks like a little sausage just barely packed in.

This was the play right before Baby's first touchdown.
She was tired and went to bed right after Crompton threw it to Brown...
and after we sang Rocky Top and danced around the room.

Laundry is almost done.  We have a few more honey-dos for the weekend, but at the top of our docket is to hang out and play... and practice crawling...  and cheer on our Vols.

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Cerulean Bill said...

Not only crawling backward, but doing it with her eyes closed. My golly.