Sunday, September 13, 2009

good sportsmanship

Don't tell Nana (Senior) that we have a Braves' uniform yet...
We want her to be surprised when she gets the pictures!

Friends from east TN sent this one to us back before baby was born.
We knew it'd be fun once she grew into it!

Someone's Granddaddy and Gigi thought baby needed a cheerleader uniform to cheer on her Vols.  This one is a 12-18 month outfit (with matching bloomers) that just fits.

Someone developed her first cold for Big Sid and Nana's visit.  Despite the snotty nose, everyone had a great time.  I'm glad that it'll be the daycare lady (and not me) who will have to break it to her tomorrow that, indeed, she won't be held all the time.  

We sure have had a great visit!!  The Dorks head back to LBG tomorrow morning before the rooster wakes up.  

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Anonymous said...

I won't tell. She'll love it!