Monday, September 07, 2009

I am living in a cereal world and I am a cereal girl

Yes, we sing Madonna songs with new words while eating cereal.  Actually, we sing lots of songs while eating cereal.  We sing or recite and basically do whatever it takes to get through three tablespoons of cereal.  Someone tell me this gets easier when we move to real food.

The Hater and I both went into work for several hours today, although not at the same time.  He stayed home with baby while I went, then I came home and watched baby and cleaned the house while he was gone.  His Dad came by this evening for a few hours of play time and supper, which was really nice.  It was a good visit, except that baby did not want to go to sleep at bedtime...  So she got to scream for a little while.  Good times.

It didn't take her long to konk out...  but we can't help but to wonder how she'll do this weekend when we have more playtime with visitors that don't leave.  Should be a real adventure.  Thank goodness we have a blanket made by Aunt Sister - she won't go to sleep without it!

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