Monday, March 02, 2009

moving in the right direction

(pun intended)

We're into weekly visits at the OB's office.  He checked me today to see how we're doing.*  Good news -- I'm 1cm dilated and 50% effaced.  Thank goodness -- because I would have had a fit in his office if I was 0/0.  

Looks like all the walking is paying off.

I've dropped, too.  I'm back to peeing all the time, and now my belly sits on my legs when I'm sitting down.  

Baby's heart rate was 140, right on target.  My BP is fine, 125/75.

This is week 36 -- technically we have 4 more weeks to go...  but I'm hoping she makes an early entrance.  Fingers crossed for that.  We're ready...  and I'm especially ready not to be pregnant anymore.

My back is killing me.  Baby has the hiccups again.  Zoloft, the cat, is curled up next to me on a blanket.  The Hater is talking on the phone to a friend about Titans football.

I'm ready for a hot bath.  That's about the only thing that helps my back feel better these days.  Too bad I can't work from the bathtub.  

*(btw - I'm more than a little bit pissed at all of my friends who have already had babies because nobody warned me how lovely that was going to be)

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Anonymous said...

Oh the joys of motherhood. Perhaps she will make her arrival on your mom's birthday. I know that would be a tremendous birthday present. I can;t wait and I know it's harder on them (and you). Good luck. I think about you each and every day. PPM