Friday, February 20, 2009


The DVR died again last night.  This is very sad because we had lots of things taped to watch this weekend.  

The Hater spent almost an hour between trying to fix it himself and on the phone with the satellite people, but to no avail.  They said we have a case of a deadus boxus.  This is even sadder because that means the things we'd moved to the external hard drive have also been lost forever.

When we moved to this house (almost 2 years ago), it was out in the boonies.  We were the third home in this subdivision.  The only choice was satellite...  but now more homes have been built, and cable is here, too.  Since our contract is up, we're going back to cable.  Besides being cheaper, it's also more reliable during inclement weather.

The saddest part of all is that if we want to watch tv, we'll have to watch it LIVE and not be able to fast-forward through commercials.  I told The Hater last night that there was only one show I was willing to watch commercials to see.  

Looks like we'll be playing video games and card games this weekend.  

Maybe we'll find an adventure.


Anonymous said...

Adversity make the most of you. Your mom and I can remember before there was TV. When we got it, it was black and white, two channels only and the picture would disappear if an airplane flew over (perhaps birds too, there couldn't have been that many airplanes back in the dark ages.) We had lots of fun without TV. VolMom

Cerulean Bill said...

I read recently of a cable tech guy trying to explain to a recalcitrant customer that their box was dead, and the cable people would have to send out a tech to replace it. But why? the customer kept saying. Finally, the cable guy sighed and said Well, the truth is, your box has gone rogue. It's not responding to commands from the central computer. We have to bring it back in for retraining. OH! the customer said. Why didn't you say so?

Arielle said...

I have cable and DVR with it. I just tape stuff to watch later and ff thru commercials. I never watch anything live, except spongebob.