Wednesday, September 10, 2008

you, too, can have a UTI

May I suggest one that's more fun than mine?

unique transylvanian iceberg
ultimate thunderous instruments
uno tittilicious industry
utterly tenacious ivy
unidentified tangential irony
umbilical twisted igloo
ubiqitarian tactful information
unclean tattered ivory
universal taboo ink
understood terrapin instincts
unctuous tardy ignoramus
uncertain tainted incense
unanimous treacherous infantry
unadorned turquoise icing
ukranian trained iguanas
uxorious timid imbecile
unequivocal traumatic incident
urban tropical island
ugly trapeze imp
uniform tango india

(Think of it like a Choose Your Own Adventure... without the hot air balloon.)


Anonymous said...

my sister is silly


Cerulean Bill said...

Unbelievably ticklish individual

Molly Jane said...

I really like Unadorned Turquois Icing, cause I love icing and Turquois is one of my favorite colors...awesome.