Thursday, September 25, 2008

so much for Harvard

This baby has obviously not been reading the same pregnancy information that we have been.  There are things that are supposed to happen in the second trimester, and baby must be confused.  

First, last weekend was awful.  I felt worse than each bad day during the first trimester plus about 7 dozen.  Found a wedge pillow, which really helped, and slept so much that it's more than broken-in now.  Still, those reindeer games were supposed to be over last week.

And this morning?  I yaked.  Yep, yak fest.  Where did that come from?  Give me a break.  The only silver lining to that story is that I kept down my Synthroid for the morning.  Go team.

Baby, we're going to stop with this Twinkle Twinkle Little Star business and swap over to the Mayo Clinic's pregnancy guide to catch you back up to the learning curve.  It's too early to start falling behind.

Yes, I know "this too shall pass".  Please don't patronize me.  I'm really not in the mood.


Anonymous said...

Is it not amazing how much work goes into getting one child born? It makes me sick when I hear someone use the term sissy in the perjorative. How many children would be born if men had this task?
Don't you appreciate your Mom more than ever now?


genderist said...

Not really. I think that's more likely to kick in when I have to get up for a 3am feeding or when it's time to label everything with index cards for word recognition.

Men could do it... if that were physically possible. They'd just be big weenies about it.

Arielle said...

LOL Hang in there grouch, you are doing a great job growing a mini-hater or mini-genderist.

Cerulean Bill said...

Weenies? Pshaw. Just make sure it involves danger and fire, and we're on it. (No, really. I'm pretty sure I read that in What To Expect When You're Expecting, which is, btw, an excellent book).