Monday, September 08, 2008

the 12-week bump hump

The Hater was gone for about 2 days, and I'm convinced that the baby grew at least twice its size in that time.  I have no tangible ultrasound to prove it, but my belly has certainly declared its pregnancy state.  We have the makings of the bump.

I have a friend who is also pregnant, about 6 weeks ahead of us.  This is her third pregnancy.  She had some maternity pants that didn't fit her - and did fit me.  Wow.  The comfort difference was astounding.  I couldn't believe it.

So while The Hater was still out of town I went back out Saturday night to look for maternity clothes on sale at Ross and Old Navy.  I came out with a pair of khakis and jeans from Ross, both at great sale prices.  Then I found two shirts (one short sleeved and one three-quarter sleeved) on clearance at Old Navy.  I was super excited with these finds because I had looked at maternity clothes at the mall on Friday, and the prices were outrageous.

I can still wear most of my scrubs, but they're getting tight in the middle.  Prior to now I really liked the drawstring pants, but now there's really no need for a drawstring.  I can hold them up just fine on my own.  Pregnancy:  for people who hate to wear belts.

This week we're working on the 12th week.  I figure we're 2 or 3 days into the 12th week.  So far so good.  No awful symptoms to report, other than fatigue, which I already knew too well.  

I do have one amusing symptom that drives The Hater nuts.  I have had some especially aromatic farts since before we knew that I was pregnant.  I'm talking eyes-watering-clear-the-room farts. These usually happen at night, which is good for me - bad for him.  It's quite possibly my favorite symptom of pregnancy because he can totally share it with me.  Over and over and over.


Anonymous said...

New scrubs are one the way to OK! Maybe bext week you'll be more comfortable in these :)

Molly Jane said...

Awwwwwe, sister's sending scrubs! Awesome. I get the farts too. Lucky, you have them to enjoy the entire pregnancy. They are especially fun when trying to get up somewhat "gracefully" from the floor.

Cerulean Bill said...

The clothing swap is a given. The toys and kid stuff swap is coming. We used to call it The Mother Underground.

arielle said...

OMG I was LOL at your fart declaration!!
BTW you can probably tie your scrubs under your bump. This generation has gotten used to the low rise pants so most stuff goes below your bump, (think right above bikini line) so I wore my own jeans til last trimester. Then I actually fastened a few pairs with a rubber band. Go low riders!