Saturday, February 02, 2008

the what I was going to do list

The Hater is out of town on a short trip, and I had a long list of exciting things I wanted to do while he was gone. I had planned on leaving work early on Friday (because I had stayed later on previous days this week), but that fell through because something came up. I ended up leaving almost three hours after when I had planned to leave.

But it didn't quite interfere with the first thing to do on my list... There's a place in town that gives the best gift I give to myself -- a fantastic pedicure. And it's not just like any pedicure -- they include hot lava stone massage (some fancy name that starts with a "K" that I can't remember). They give me a diet coke... and the chair massages my back while they massage my legs. It's wonderful, and I'll be happy to take anybody with me when they come visit OKC.

I didn't leave there until about 7:45pm... well past dinner time. So I came home and zapped a gourmet dinner in the microwave and straightened up the kitchen. I played the Leggo video game by myself, which was hard because I had to try to do things and kill bad guys at the same time without The Hater's help.

I planned on sleeping late this morning, and technically I did, but the phone kept ringing. I didn't get up to answer them, but it rilled the cat, who insisted I wake up and pet her.

Lunch is down and now I continue down the list to the places in town that I need to get things, including groceries. I had hoped to get some laundry done today and use The Hater's laptop to help me find some of the secret things in the Leggo game, but I do not yet know what adventures lie in store at the mall.

Making a list is a fluid affair; and sometimes I wonder why I even bother.


bill said...

You do it for the sense of accomplishment that crossing off a done item gives, and for the sense of empowerment that crossing off a 'I'm not going to do that!' gives.

The Tudor Rose said...

Yeah, my "to-do" lists never quite end up getting done. Or I do other things instead. But whatever. As long as you're not stressing about not doing exactly what was on the list, then it's all good. :)

CJ said...

Where are you... we miss your posts!


Anonymous said...

There's been a long dry spell and
I miss you and your views on life. VolMom

Vol Abroad said...


LV7 said...

she's alive :) though, clearly not writing. booo.