Wednesday, January 30, 2008

this is my mad face

Someone peed in my cereal this morning, and I've been gagged about it all day long.

Yesterday at work I was recruited to sign up for a two-person team event because there was one person who was looking for a partner. I said I would be happy to help. There was a nominal fee, but I was told that I could bring it by either yesterday or today without any problem.

After my first meeting this morning I checked my email, and the message said that I was no longer needed on the team, that someone else wanted to sign up for it. I replied vaguely, asking if I still needed to bring my money by for the sign-up. I didn't want to jump to any crazy conclusions before my morning caffeine.

I waited a few hours without a reply, and then decided to go to the sign-up place myself to see what was going on. I showed up, cash in hand, to pay for yesterday's recruitment. A different guy was at the desk, and I assured him that I had signed the form yesterday... and he found the form, with my name crossed through.

Now I know not to shoot the piano player... so I asked him if that meant I was no longer on the team. He flipped through bunches of papers and hem-hawed about how he could put me on another list if someone wanted to sign up today. I asked him how it was possible for someone to get cut from a team at (this workplace). He didn't have a good answer.

I left, supremely gagged that my earlier interpretation had been correct.

Seriously? I was just cut from a team that recruited me? That's even worse than being picked last for dodge ball.

The thing that irks me the most is that I work for a company that takes pride in including everyone, to go out of the way to be hospitable and whatnot. I can guarantee you that what happened this morning doesn't jive with either the mission or vision of (this workplace). I'm disappointed, a little hurt, and a lot pissed.

If I don't sleep it off, there will be a letter written and sent tomorrow. Period.


Anonymous said...

Whoever is much the poorer for excluding you. Forget about it. Remember where you are. I'd pick you first for my team anyday. VolMom

bill said...

You work someplace where they take that concept seriously? Good lord, I didn't think ANYPLACE with more than five employees did. Even with this sucky behavior, they must be something special.