Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Bruce is Loose

We are tickled with the UT basketball team and Bruce Pearl. They were all on fire last night, and it surely showed.

It must have been the home performance by the Sons of Bruce (and their sexy orange jackets) at the half-time of last Wednesday's game that really planted the seed of victory in Memphis. You, too, can hear the infamous song that's taking Knoxville by storm. Who knows - it might just be the extra umph you need to take the world by storm.

You should have heard him coming

You should have known his name

The Vols are off and running

They’re going freaking insane...

It obviously worked for our boys.

The prophet, Bruce, knew it, too. He predicted the win even before the game. "I wanted to make sure our guys knew we were playing for something," Pearl said. "I don't know if we're the best team in the country. I knew we were 40 minutes away from being No. 1." What he didn't say, but was obviously implying, is that the entire team has changed their ringtones to "The Bruce is Loose", and they have been starting every practice holding hands and singing the same song to help center their inner Vol, to concentrate on Victory.

Actually, immediately after he gave this speech, he returned to the locker room, where Loften and Tyler Smith led the entire team and ancillary staff in a heartfelt version of Rocky Top, followed by the guts and glory of "The Bruce is Loose".

Sure, it's the pure talent of the team that seized the victory, but it was the leadership of Bruce that sealed the deal. It's teamwork and determination that's landed us #1. Good game, guys.

Good game, indeed. And many thanks to the Sons of Bruce for making it possible.

* Totally stolen from The Bruce is Loose webpage. You can find the full lyrics, great pictures, sexy additions to your orange wardrobe, and everything Vol basketball right there. In the Knoxville area? You can probably book the Sons of Bruce to bring inspiration directly to you and yours - if you ask nicely enough.

* Even my buddy, Peyton, was at the Memphis game. Obviously I think his presence also led to the Vol-power that smashed the hopes of the kittens of Memphis...

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