Sunday, February 17, 2008

toolbox of excuses

Wrench #1:
I'm having difficulty finding time to blog. My job has exploded, and I'm now required to make late days several nights a week. And when I finally get home, the last thing I want to do is look at another computer. And if that wasn't tragic enough, I can no longer access this page through work because of our fantastic information systems department has this silly idea that I should work at work and not play at work.

Wrench #2:
This one is totally selfish. Since I have to work late on some days and The Hater is gone on other days, when I'm home and have time to just be with him - that's what I want to do. I guess I could bring in the laptop to where he is, but that's not really the same as actually being with him.

Wrench #3:
Since January I've lost almost 20 pounds. This is due to changing my eating habits, which doesn't impact blogging, and exercising more, which does. And I hate exercise... and Wrench #2 is my current best excuse not to do it. But I know that I need to not be a heifer, so I'm really trying to reprogram myself to set aside time not to be a slug. This time that I'm using does clash with playing on the computer.

Wrench #4:
Potential Drama. We have some potential health issues coming up, and I don't want to write anything about them until we have more information to share, before we know more about it. I don't want to cry wolf, and I also don't want to create unnecessary dread or worry, so for now the one thing that's occupying most of my thoughts will have to stay there. Will update when we know more, but I'm not sure when that will be.

Wrench #5:
I like sleep. In theory I could get up earlier in the mornings to work out and play on the computer, but I have a hard enough time getting out of bed at the last minute, much less any earlier than that. My TSH is back to a human level, but I'm still super tired after a long day.

Solvent of Solutions:
I don't make any promises, but I will try to be more consistent with posts... especially when I think of something that's not boring to write about.


LV7 said...


Be well :)

Anonymous said...

It is good to "hear your voice".
The very best to you.


Mommavia said...

You know that you can email a post to your blog for publishing? So you CAN blog at work! Take that IT dept!

Way to go on losing 20 pouds! That is soooooo something to be proud of! Congrats on taking charge of your health.


Molly said...

Kick ass on the 20 lbs James! Yeah!!

Happy Thoughts,