Saturday, February 23, 2008

fake work

I didn't really go to work today. But I did get up early, take a shower, and drive across town to sit through an ALL DAY meeting.

The first half of the day wasn't too bad. The speaker was engaging and entertaining.

The afternoon was painful. I was so bored that I wanted to get out my phone and play games, and only didn't because it would have been a tacky thing to do. So instead I imagined that I was playing games on my phone.

The Hater has been busy with real work. Tomorrow will be his first day off in almost 2.5 weeks. I'm such a nice wife that I'm going to let him sleep in.

Last Saturday I spoke at a local conference. So this is my second Saturday without extra sleep. I had been extra sleepy this past week, so I'm not really looking forward to finding out how I'll really pay for this one.

We're watching the UT-Memphis basketball game, looking for 4 UT shirts in a row to see if we can spy our liaison to the game. I'm cuddled under my UT blanket, and we're sending the orangest of vibes Eastward right now. Good times.


Vol Abroad said...

You know one of the best tricks I learned (but haven't yet implemented) is to let people play games during meetings.

I went to a three day workshop (held over two loooong days)and the facilitator brought little toys like simple puzzles and just chucked them out on the table and let us play. The toys were all quiet toys.

She said research had shown that people could pay attention and better attention if they could fidget with things like that.

I felt it really helped me stay on track during the course.

genderist said...

Next time I might just throw something in my purse that I could pull out and play with...