Saturday, January 12, 2008


I worked 50-something hours this week. It's been CRAZY. Since salary people don't get OT, I'm going to make every effort next week to work less than 40 hours, so that way it might work out even.

We slept late this morning and have been doing laundry as we cleaned the house. It wasn't a total clean - we did what needed done the most: I dusted and swept the floors. The Hater vacuumed and terrorized the cat.

Then we got a phone call to come babysit, which we did.

The baby was fine on the ride to our house, and happy when I took her out of her car seat... until I took off my sun glasses and, to her horror, I was not Mommy. We're talking BIG, heaving tears. She ate, and we played. She cried again, and The Hater made her a bottle. She fell asleep in my arms during the Green Bay game. Her Mom returned to find her tickled to see her.

They stayed and ate supper with us and visited a while before they left.

We've started taking down the Christmas stuff. We cheered for Wes Welker and the Patriots.

Tomorrow we're chereing for Peyton. And would really like to see Peyton win the Super Bowl again.

We're as boring as it seems, but it works for us.

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bill said...

Based on what you show, I don't think you're boring at all.