Sunday, October 22, 2006


Last night The Hater and I decided to change out of our pajamas and go on a wild tear to the metropolis of Lawton to go to a haunted house. We left our apartment about 8pm and drove an hour and a half to the Trail of Fear.

The attraction was supposed to close at 10pm, so we were pretty sure that we would be cutting it close. We took the scenic route a couple of times before finding our spontaneous destination. We were bundled for the 42 degree, windy weather, and set forth to be scared.

We went to two attractions at the Trail of Fear. We thought the first one was just okay, but did have a really neat 3D painted section that we've not seen before. The second attraction boasted a hayride out to a field where a very scary movie-esque scream-a-thon waited. We really liked that one, were appropriately scared at all the right times, and our only complaint was that it wasn't long enough.

We left there and headed back to another haunted trail we had happened upon earlier by accident, a money-maker for one of the Lawton volunteer fire departments. They had come in for the night, but went back to set-up for us to go through it. This was about 11:45 and it was 38 degrees outside. It was excellent, much better than the first attraction at the Trail of Fear. We both thought it was great.

We headed back towards OKC and found a little town with an IHOP still open. And in the sense of continuing our spontaneous adventure, I had pumpkin pancakes, which were pretty good. We ended up getting home about 3am, tired and cold.

We have fulfilled our spontaneous adventure void for at least a few more months.

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