Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Zoloft has learned to discern between the different cabintes opening. We know this because when the corner cabinet is opened she will run directly to the kitchen from any room in the house.

And then she cries because she's learned that's where the treats are kept. She has not learned that crying does not impact the chance of getting treats. She also has not learned how to tell what day of the week it is... because if she did, she'd realize that Friday is treat day.

This morning The Hater was packing his lunch, and you can only guess who made an appearance in the kitchen as he was reaching for a napkin. It was a vocally mournful, pitiful appearance, and then she continued to follow him around until he left.

She is persistant. You've got to give her credit for that. A rotten toot, yes, but persistant, too.


Tim said...

Our cats are relentless when it comes to opening anything within the kitchen, whether or not it's food. If it has a plastic crinkly sound, or the sound of a can opening, they come flying into the kitchen and immediately begin "mewing". One of these days, I'm going to give them what they want when I'm putting jalepenos on my sandwich.

bill said...

Oh, it was the cat with the vocally mournful, pitiful appearance. Got it.


genderist said...

Oh, you're SO funny!

nicole said...

She's related to my Milla.

Milla who can tell from 18 miles away that someone is about to descend into the lower level of the house where the cat food is kept and served.

Milla who will cry all hours of the day and night for food she won't be given until her meow is gone.

Milla whose sole reason for existence is a bowl full of chicken-flavored cereal.

In other words, I totally feel your pain. ;)