Thursday, October 26, 2006

pumpking decorating contest

Vote for this pumpkin, you must. Mmmm...

Today kicks off the clinic's annual pumpkin decorating contest. I was drafted to decorate the pumpkin for the treatment room entry. This is the debut of my final product, everybody's favorite Jedi lizard.

The close-up:

How can you not love Yoda?

If you were here, I'd beg a vote for our pumpkin. Stop by on Halloween to vote and visit our MASH unit.


Anonymous said...

Super clever! VM

Kate said...

Hee hee! He's awesome. Way to get into the spirit!

MGal said...

Impressed I am! If close I was, happy would I be to vote!

Vol Abroad said...

I'm impressed too. That's awesome.

Do you have a digital camera now?