Friday, October 20, 2006

Inferno plagerism

I thought I should just say that I'm feeling good this morning. I don't feel great, but I sure am feeling good. I even slept well last night.

It's a slow climb to feeling better after being hypothyroid for so long, and the side effects of the radioactive Iodine don't make it any easier. I think there are levels you pass through to try to get back to normalcy, and I think Dante would appreciate the comparison:
functional human
the "old you" you remember
This morning I would put myself somewhere between a functional human and the "old me". I'm still tired, and I still have a list of hypo complaints, but I'm feeling better.

And sometimes better is the most beautiful word in the dictionary.

*Maslow would probably argue that few of us ever achieve "normalcy", especially if he knew my family.

1 comment:

bill said...

I'm guessing that when you're in the poo and slug stages, you don't acknowledge the outside world. The sloth, at least in some sense, knows that the tree exists, but poo?

Very glad you're past poo.