Monday, October 31, 2011

Wonder Woman

So many things I could say about Halloween, but I'll try to keep things succinct.
  • This year Baby has really figured out trick-or-treating. She shouted it with glee at every house. She rang the doorbell herself, then scrambled to be picked up before people came to the door. She kept asking for more candy, then before people were done with their niceties she was asking to walk to the next house. The biggest hit was at the convent - the little Sisters loved her!
  • The Halloween Horror story is that she's cutting her next set of molars, which explains why The Hater and I have been walking around looking like zombies from lack of sleep. After this round of visitors we're going to have to revisit the sleep-training books again.
  • She loves being a "super hero" and will strike a pose with one fist up in the air and run around declaring her hero status.
  • The Hater (Batman fan) and I (Superman fan) were going to compromise on a Spider Girl costume, but I had my heart set on Wonder Woman. The Hater looked again and we were both tickled to find it.
  • We wonder if this is the last year that we'll be able to get away with eating our favorite candy out of her stash.


Anonymous said...

I wondered if you'd take her trick or treating. A couple of little girls came to my house, separately, and did what you described: 'they ring the bell and ran back to their daddy' to await our opening the door. One also wanted more candy, which she got and they told us she was going over there and pointed to the next house. Yours is a great age.

genderist said...

We're very fortunate - and we know it!