Monday, October 17, 2011

nuttin, honey

We've been up to armloads of nuthin. And not touching ant hills.

The potty still consumes our day. She's doing great at day care, but fighting us when it's time to sit on the potty at home. At this point she's pretty much staying dry (in the same pull-up) during day care, but then not making it long after we've been home. She's still not telling anybody when she has to pee - and most times doesn't tell us when she has to poo, either.

I'm not worried. Right now we're majorly counting our blessings that the only thing we're really working on is the potty -- and not sleeping problems, aggression/punching other kids, or developmental delays. In the world of toddlerdom we've got it made.

She's such a sweet girl, eager to sing us songs and please us. She requests cheese at every meal. She loves to sing "Jesus Loves Me", "Rocky Top", "Where oh Where are you Tonight?", and "How Much is that Doggy in the Window?" She lowers her voice and tries to talk in a mean tone when she thinks she's not going to get her way. She screams and cries the entire two minutes whenever she's in timeout, and when the timer goes off the tears come off as quickly. She loves Zoloft; and Zoloft is not quite as terrified of her as she used to be. She loves helping to put food and treats in the cat's bowl. She recites the Lord's Prayer at bedtime and God is Great at mealtime. About two minutes into any phone call she asks if it's time to say goodbye yet. She likes to pick letters out of words and to eat Cheese-Its that have letters on them. She wakes up around 6:30 every morning and goes to bed around 7pm with one afternoon nap to recharge.

And tomorrow I plan on rocking her world with a flu shot. But I've called ahead to make sure they're not the same prefilled syringes with the 2-3mm needle like we had at work because those hurt like a booger. Most of us still have welts on our arm four days later. I emailed ahead to make sure they didn't have those at the clinics. I was told that this year they don't, but next year they were going to change to that. Hopefully other clinics won't be making the same change, but we'll cross that bridge next year. Tomorrow we get through the old fashioned flu shot.

Beautiful full moon a week or so ago.

I like it dark in the mornings when I drop Baby off at daycare. Mostly because when it's mostly clear in the skies we can see the moon or stars. And then she sings "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to them. Super cute if you're into widdle staws. And I love it when she says, "It's not a big moon, Mommy, it's a cwescent."


Anonymous said...

You're a lucky mom to have such a gal.The potty thing is minor compared to problems you could have, as you have pointed out and the potty thing will come together on it's own one of these days. She seems to be a delightful child. You're to be congratulated.

Jihan said...

My brothers favorite song was "Mary had a baby, Yes my Lord", does she know that one?

genderist said...

I know that song! I always associate it with Christmas. We'll add that to her repertoire.