Sunday, November 06, 2011

"Would you like to play with me at my house?"

Baby missed the time change memo and sprung forward instead of falling backwards. She was up at 3:30 this morning, ready to play. I kept her contained as long as I could before we snuck out of the bedroom to bake sweet rolls in Mama Lou's pie plate for breakfast. They were yummy.

She did great considering she was up as long as she was. Napped well and went down for bed well, too. Fingers crossed that she sleeps better tonight. She's still cutting molars, so that's a coin toss at this point.

We've had The Dorks here with us this weekend and she has loved having constant play partners, grandparents who are eager to read as many stories as she wants to hear, push her as long as she wants to swing, and follow her into every pretend game she imagines.

Including those involving twin dinosaurs.

Have I mentioned that she's recently fallen in love with little plastic things? We had some little sharks and The Dorks brought her some dinosaurs for the collection.

We're sending lots of outgrown things back with them to store for us: a basketball goal that she's too little for (but that The Hater really wanted them to bring this past spring so he could pretend like he was playing basketball when the Thunder games were on), her high chair (we've moved on to a booster at the kitchen table), some toys that she has outgrown, and board books that she's outgrown, too. We're taking bets on how long it takes her to notice that the things she hardly ever plays with are missing.

The new phrase of the week was, "I don't believe it!" To which my Dad has gotten her to say, "It's unbelievable!" which sounds more like "unbeeleeayuhl".

We've had an unbelievably great visit.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad her grandparents could come see you all. Good for them, you and the little one. And the sweet rolls look good.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed Bill's Stuff blog has been removed. Makes me wonder. I'm hoping I'm just having a bad session or some aberration and that nothing bad has happened and that his blog will reappear.

Anonymous said...

I started to remove the above comment but you would have wondered about it so this explanation instead. Everything is okay with Bill at Bill's Stuff. He had an aberration or something but is back at his old haunt doing fine.

genderist said...

So glad you guys were able to work this out. And I'm glad you're ok, Bill!