Wednesday, October 05, 2011

swim with the fishes

Be careful what you say you will never do as a parent.  Last night in desperation I told Baby a lie I swore I never would say.  I am ashamed, but hopeful that it will help the process.

It's time for another potty update.  Because I know you're hanging on the edge of your seat, just wondering how this process is going for us.

(Is that enough suspense-building?)

I talked to Baby how in Finding Nemo they learn that all drains lead to the ocean, like the toilet drain where Nemo tried to get flushed to escape from going home with the very scary Darla.  And she needed to put her poo poo in the toilet so it could be flushed to the ocean and feed the fish.  The fish are hungry, so hungry, and it's our job to feed them our poo poo.  Nemo needs bites; Dory needs bites; the starfish need bites; all the sharks and fish and dolphins and whales need our poo poo bites.

Yesterday after we first went over this seeding lie we had one successful poop in the potty.  Today we're batting zero.

She's also finding that it can be fun to sit on the potty and just hang out.

Last night it was time for supper, not potty time.  She wanted the prize for pooping in the potty, or so we thought.  After about 20 minutes of her sitting on the potty by herself I convinced her to come eat supper.  After supper I put her in the bathtub.  After she was washed I was about to rinse the soap out of her hair it happened.  We were all three surprised and The Hater started running around in circles, needing a direct command.  Baby was scared.  I tried not to laugh.  We had both floaters and sinkers among the bubbles and toys.  When I let the water out of the tub she said, "Go feed the fishes, poo poo!"  So then we got to talk about why it was better to put poo poo in the potty, not the bathtub.

She was cleaner before we tried to give her a bath.

At day care this morning the boss lady told me she thought it was time to start putting Baby in time out when she pooped in her pull-ups and not the potty.  I wasn't ready for that - I'm still not completely convinced that she is aware of when it's time to go poop.
. Or at least I wasn't until last night when she straight-up no'd me and said she didn't want to go to the potty because she wasn't done playing with her blocks. Good times.


Kelly said...

That's an awesome lie. Did you come up with that yourself? Hilarious! Well, at least poop in the tub gives you an excellent reason to bleach it and scrub it out!! Good luck!

Kelly said...

PS We never did time out when it came to potty training. Instead we would make a big deal about going potty. Like how good and relieving it felt. And how much fun it is to pull the flusher. And make big bubbles with the soap and water afterwards. That technique worked great with our yellow personality kids!! My cousin also puts a little box of books in the bathroom that her daughter can read during those 20 minute potty-athons. I think we'll try that with Chloe.

bill said...

My, my. Reading here brings back memories. Did we do all that? I don't think we were that smart. I wonder now how we ever got our two raised. By the grace of God, I guess.

genderist said...

Very exciting update: Baby has successfully fed the fish and the sharks TWICE since she's been home from day care.

I'd like to thank the Academy.