Sunday, September 18, 2011

it's the shoes

Someone has to learn to walk in big girl heels.
Baby wants to learn, too.

We had lots of fun yesterday.

The hilight had to be making cupcake muffins.  She thought they were cupcakes so we ran with it.  Please note that she sprinkled pink decorating sugar onto them before we baked them.  After supper I put a little bit of pink vanilla frosting on them and we ate one for dessert.  Totally worth the ninety-nine cents that the muffin mix cost.  

My favorite conversation of the morning-
Baby:  Mommy, I wuv you.
me:  I love you, too.
Baby:  Mommy, I wuv you three days.
me:  I love you four days!
Baby:  I love you Saturday!
me:  I love you Sunday!
Baby:  No, I love you chicken.
me:  I love you green beans.
Baby:  I love you chicken!
me:  I love you cupcakes.
Baby:  Yes, I like cupcakes, too, but I wuv you, Mommy.  I wuv you three days.


Kelly H. said...

Classic! Sounds like a children's book. What a sweet girl you have! :)

genderist said...

No, my floors aren't really that clean. That happens to be the side of the kitchen table where nobody eats. :)

Princess Jibi said...

aww so sweet...

Anonymous said...

She is a sweet girl and she will, no doubt, fill those shoes in more ways than one.

Cerulean Bill said...

She loves you CUPCAKES? Oh, man, you are so lucky!

(I just noticed that the captcha word is 'roffled'. Great timing!)