Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Baby's vocabulary is growing every day. Just six months ago I was keeping a list of her words - and when we went to her 12 month appointment I had a list of about 46 words that she regularly used. Now we're beyond a list and I wouldn't even wager a number.

Sometimes out of the blue she'll just say something and The Hater and I will look at each other with wide eyes. A few days ago it was "Hoo-ray" paired with both of her arms up in the air. I asked at day care if they taught her hooray, and she said no... but then remembered that the last verse of "If you're happy and you know it" they shout hooray. However, she never says it there.

One day last week after supper she looked at me and said, "Pee-Pee Potty Pee-Pee". I jerked her up and ran to the bathroom, clumsily pulling off her diaper (wet), and sat her on the potty. "Potty. Paper! Paper!" I handed her a square of toilet paper. That was about it... nothing else exciting happened. I put a clean diaper on her and bragged on her for telling us that she needed to potty.

Mind you we're in no hurry to potty train her, especially not before our trip to TN over Xmas. We won't be making that trip with her in training pants until she's more experienced at going potty.

We're having day care dilemmas. Still love our lady, but may have to move. It's so hard to think about finding someone else to take care of your baby. It just makes me want to throw up.

Baby is becoming both more fussy and more sweet every single day. She is truly a child of routine, and the closer we can stick to it, the more content she is. Just typical stuff.

She likes to climb and run and throw and make her babies kiss. She likes her bedtime stories in the same order every night. She likes to say "no" to every question asked. She knows the difference between "up" and "down", but says "up" every time she wants to be in a different position, even if that means putting her down. She knows the magic words and will say them on cue.

Last night she said her name. Not with the correct enunciation, but it was the most beautiful thing I heard all day.


Anonymous said...

AThis may be the most exciting times of your life.

Anonymous said...

Life goes on at a rapid pace. Enjoy! Polly

Cerulean Bill said...

Around that time, my daughter figured out that if she raised her hands, we'd pick her up. We started calling her the Touchdown Kid.