Saturday, October 16, 2010

milk matron

The Hater is out of town. It's terrible for everything, but especially when we need to know if the milk has gone bad. I don't drink milk - it all tastes bad to me. So anytime we need to know if it's time to throw away the milk that straw falls to him. Except he wasn't here today to be the judge. I wasn't about to taste it, or give it to Baby- so down the drain it went.

I hate throwing away food.

The Hater will be back tomorrow. I'll come up with something else sour for him to taste so he doesn't feel left out.

Been a busy day! This morning Baby and I went to a 5k/1mi fun run at church. We did the 1 mi - she did about 3/4 of a mile on the leash, but then she ran around and was crazy for another hour. I have no doubt that she did well over a mile before she even climbed into the moon bouncer. She played in there for a long time before we went to the mall and played some more. Needless to say she had a fantastic nap. Soon as she woke up we had a snack and then went grocery shopping to get more milk and some other sundries.

Sushi and sugar snap peas for supper. Played with balloons, read our stories, and she's now konked for the night. She's got a cold that I'm sure has come about due to recent weather changes -- hopefully she sleeps through the night despite her coughing.


Cerulean Bill said...

We remember a comedian once riffing on that. She said her husband would pull something from the refrigerator and say Phew! Here, smell this! Like she was going to say Hey, that's damn fine!

She also said he would say Is this supposed to be green? She'd reply Taste it. If it tastes okay, then yes.

If it's yellow then it's Jello
If it's blue it could be...stew!

bill said...

I'm the milk taster in this household and the only one who drinks milk. Occasionally the wife when cooking will ask if the milk is still good. I'll take a swig and pronounce it fit or not. Recently when she has asked, I've been saying, 'use half and half.'