Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Baby really likes that it's dark outside in the mornings because she can see the stars and sometimes the moon, too. Somehow she knows that they're special and not something we can see every day. She points and laughs and says, "Stas! Stas!"

This morning on the way to daycare between singing songs and our usual routine I told her that with the weather change we probably weren't going to see any stars this morning. We talked about clouds and rain and how sometimes the stars are hidden, but they're still there even when we can't see them.

As I pulled into the driveway and got out of the car to get the baby I was totally shocked -- there were more stars in the sky than we've seen since it's been dark in the mornings, and more than I've seen since I've lived in the city. For a dark city sky it was breathtaking. Sure enough, I pulled her out of the car and she squealed with delight. "Stas!!"

The mornings when we can see the moon, too... that is pure joy.

If I could bottle an ounce of that glee we could all retire. It'd be the new anti-drug.


Kelly said...

Too sweet.

Cerulean Bill said...

Nah, someone would regulate it. Got to limit it. Too many workers staying home, inhaling BabyGlee. Not coming in to fill out those Form 93Xs, restock them shelves. Whats this world coming to? A small amount of glee, thats okay. Occasionally.

Me for glee!

Anonymous said...

You're going to look back on these days and have a full understanding of "Precious Memories."

You know what? This morning I listened to a lecture on weather by some professor in California. He talked about the same thing you two did, about stars and clouds and the moon and tides, not nearly as memorable as your stars and clouds and moon, but yours helped me remember mine and yours linger longer.