Sunday, October 10, 2010

10/10/10: World Zombie Day

Today is World Zombie Day, and don't you know that we celebrated! The Hater and I have a vision of a family picture of us decked out in full costume and makeup, but we didn't pull out all of those stops today. We just did a plain jane family zombie picture - all of the facial expressions and posturing with none of the blood. It was fun for us and Baby got a kick out of it, too.

(peppers about to be broiled - Bobby Flay would be proud)

Our crock pot has an adventure waiting for us: pork tomatillo stew. It's got poblano and jalapeno peppers, onions, hominy, lima beans, tomatillos and pork loin. It's been simmering for about nine hours. When we peek under the lid it smells good -- but looks terrible. Fingers crossed that this isn't a big let down.

It's just so green. So very green. Maybe we should call it Frankenstein soup instead.


Cerulean Bill said...

10/10/10. In binary, 101010. Which equates, base 10, to....


bill said...

What is that? Peppers onions, green tomatoes? And what'd you put in the pork to turn it green? We don't do much slow cooking since we retired but did do a pork tenderloin a few weeks back. It was some of that good. I bet yours was, too.

~lifedramatic~ said...

I'd bet the green round things are tomatillos.