Saturday, July 10, 2010

case (finally) closed

Remember the hail storm we had a month or so back? The roof fiasco? The check drama?

Well, the next chapter of the story is about the gutters.

The insurance adjuster said we needed new gutters. The roof people told us they'd do it. When they finished the roof we paid them and they said the gutter people with whom they contract would be here in a few days.


A couple of weeks later we still didn't have any gutters.

The Hater called them and left a message.

The next week I called and left a message. They called The Hater back to let him know they were working on it.

Last week I called and insisted on speaking with someone about why we had contracted and paid for gutters, yet we still had no gutters. I spoke with Brandon. He said that if they would be there in the next few days. I asked him to call me back and let me know when he knew a more definite time.

Nobody ever called.
What's more, nobody ever came to do the gutters.

I called again this week and asked to speak with Brandon's supervisor. Neither were there, so I left a message. I told them my name and cell number and that I was very disappointed that we paid for a contracted service and they had not even returned my calls and that I expected to her back from them by the end of the business day. About an hour later they called The Hater back.

The Hater.

I called them, left my number, and they called The Hater back.

Before this point I was gagged, but now I was mad. Not only do I consider this poor business, but I think it's tacky as all get out.

So they sang a sob story to The Hater about how there was another client who was complaining about their lack of gutters, too. That the guys they usually use weren't doing a very good job right now. And that if we didn't get them done in the next few days to call and let them know.

I imagine that they were also telling him that he needed to keep his wife in check, but he assures me that they did no such thing.

I was planning to call back on Monday. I had it all planned out in my head exactly what I was going to tell Brandon, but it was a moot point because when we came back to the house from playing at the mall the gutter people were finishing up.

Thank goodness this chapter in our life is over.


Marian said...

Sorry to hear about the whole thing. Glad you have gutters now, but don't you hate it when you miss the opportunity to go all postal on someone like that?

genderist said...

I do.

And I was primed and ready to go...

genderist said...
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Cerulean Bill said...

Once again, the squeaky wheel wins...

When our daughter was in day care, another woman, who happened to be a lawyer, was trying to get the owners of the daycare to respond to a question about her daughter. Two or three messages left with a secretary, nothing. On the last call, she asked to be called back at her office. "Is that a lawyer's office?" they asked. Why, yes. Called back within an hour.