Saturday, May 01, 2010


The Hater and I are in the process of throwing out a ton of our medicine cabinet. Turns out all of our Tylenol and Motrin supply are on the recall list.

This is a link to the article about the voluntary recall of Children's Tylenol, Children's Motrin and Children's Zyrtec. This is a webpage if you'd like to check your supply to see if you're safe.

Scary stuff... and now I have to wonder if this could have led to the welts from earlier this month. I'll certainly mention this to the allergist (whom we see on Thursday), who will most likely tell me that was certainly not the cause.

Last night was our first night without Singulair. Tonight is the first night without the Zyrtec.

We went to the zoo in the drizzle this morning with some friends. Baby had a ball. Since we've been home she's been snot city, so we have to wonder if this snot is allergy-related or just a cold that's lingering.

Time for someone to get her benadryl. More on this story as it develops. Go check your supplies to make sure your stock wasn't recalled.

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Ashley said...

We had a few recalled items as well. Ugh! Wondering if the meds did cause the welts. I'm anxious for you to see the allergist and see what is happening.