Monday, May 10, 2010


I have three double knock-out rose bushes in my front yard, and they're absolutely going nuts right now. They are chock-full of blooms and they're really showing off.

Baby played Kodak moments with me this afternoon with the roses. She mostly liked pulling the petals off the blooms, but I managed to get a couple of good shots where she was actually looking at the camera and the wind wasn't about to blow her or the bushes away.

Yep, wind. Uglyhoma has a ton of wind. Compared to home, it's always windy. Always. Most of the time when it rains here it falls down sideways, due to the wind. After the storm this afternoon there were parts of the fence in the back yard that were bone dry, presumably because the rain fell sideways.

It was especially windy this afternoon because we had two fronts that tried to get into a fist fight. We were fortunate, but there were parts of the city that had worse luck. One place had winds up to 100 mph, and several tornadoes touched down in other areas. Some parts of town had hail between the size of a baseball and a softball. We saw on the news that some neighborhoods East of us were taken out, reduced to sticks.

Most days we have no idea how fortunate we are.


Teacher Angst said...

I understand all too well. Of all the flooding the Nashvile area received, we were luckily on a hill and away from it (although watching the drainage ditch become a mini-simming pool was neat). There was national footage of a portable that came onto the interstate and was promptly shredded. I used to live across the creek from there. Very lucky and blessed, indeed. *salutes*

Cerulean Bill said...

Good lord, those are lovely. Better not take pictures of your daughter next to them. Serious risk of Cute Overload !

bill said...

Thanks for your comment.
That was an interesting back and forth between pantyhose and caffeine. I guess I didn't know caffeine was bad for me. And another thought crossed my mind. Most of my women friends are RN's. In fact, one of them is in Austin interviewing for a job there. But what really grabbed my attention was the use of that
'Uglyhoma.' Surely you're not referring to that beautiful state, but I am curious since I'm contemplating a possible move there.

I enjoyed browsing your blog.