Friday, January 29, 2010


We've gotten about 6" of snow on top of 1" of ice. It's been coming down hard all day, but looks like it's starting to ease up. According to the local news it's done snowing, but it's still coming down at our house, albeit considerably less than it was earlier.

We lost power this morning for about 3 hours. Fortunately, this happened shortly after I got out our "bad weather box" which holds the wind-up flashlight, wind-up radio, and other exciting sundries. (We found out at the Xmas Eve blizzard that my trusty flashlight that I bought at boot camp at Ft Knox had some corroded batteries in it. We've not fixed it yet.) I pulled some other flashlights from our bedroom, and just in time. (We also have flashlights in the car and truck, if we were to need them.)

We'd made food that we could eat warm or cold, so that was set. We found batteries for the wind-up radio, but didn't play it. Our Coleman lamp was primed and ready to shine. We added another layer of clothes to everybody.

The Hater lit the pilot light to the gas fireplace yesterday. We'd read that it should still work if we lost electricity. Sure enough, when the power went out, we turned on the fire. It was a constant adventure keeping baby out of it.

After three hours the power came back on. We're ready in case it goes out again, but don't expect it to do so.

Baby was not impressed at all about losing power. I plan on getting her outside briefly for some more snow pictures tomorrow, despite her snotty nose.

Oh, by the way - in the case of power outtage our wireless internet router won't work. Although we really appreciate the emails wondering if we're okay, we have no way of checking or responding to them when the power is out. :) For those of you in LBG, we've called The Dorks every few hours to check in and let them know we're not dead.

It's headed your way. Stay warm! Get your bad weather box out now just in case...


Anonymous said...

I'm a flashlight fanatic, too. That and umbrellas. I have more umbrellas than any one person should have.

Snowing here, too. We're supposed to get a foot or more before it's all over. :o


Janice said...

She is a little doll and I love the pictures.

Joan and Misty has now lost power but so far we haven't. We also are prepared. I cooked most of the morning and have candles etc. close by. With the wood heat in the basement so we will at least be warm. Stay safe