Monday, January 18, 2010

feeding myself

I think The Hater and I knew that things would get really messy once we started offering baby finger foods other than neat cereal puffs... but we weren't mentally prepared for this nightly adventure.

Hard-boilled egg, shredded cheese, cereal bites, diced prune... and baby cereal and a squash and corn veggie combo. Meanwhile she's also learned to ppptthththpthh her food at us.

Suppertime is an adventure to be had by all. Just don't look at the floor or kitchen table.


Mommavia said...

Many mealtimes I would strip the kids down to their diaper to eat. It was much easier to clean up after...straight into the tub!

Anonymous said...

This is a life cycle thing. You did this to your parents, her children will do it to her. Isn't life wonderful! VolMom