Saturday, January 16, 2010

a new beginning

Dear Coach Dooley,

Welcome to Rocky Top and the Vol Nation.

We didn't know much about you until a couple of days ago, but we think your past experience has helped prepare you for this job. We like what you said at the press conference; that was a touchdown. You already appear to have much more integrity than our last coach.

Good luck recruiting and assembling your staff in the next few weeks.

We'll be pulling for you and our team. Please don't let us down. We don't expect miracles - and we know you're still have quite a hill ahead of you.

Go Vols,
genderist, The Hater, and baby

"We'll be watching you," warns baby,
"Please don't make us hang down our head and cry."

1 comment:

Cerulean Bill said...

As if ANYONE could do anything that would disappoint that cutie....