Sunday, January 31, 2010

chilly willy

Flannel PJs keep baby warm.
(Yep, those are size 18 months!)

Baby had the warmest seat in the house!

We lost power for 9 1/2 hours on Saturday. We had the fireplace on, and paired with several layers we endured until it came back on. The house got down to about 64 degrees, but it felt warmer in front of the fire. As you can see, baby took her nap with several quilts where it was the warmest while The Hater and I huddled under several quilts in our bedroom. We were really glad when it came back on.

I really wanted to get outside and take some snowy pictures, but baby's cold prevented it. We did go out on the front porch and look around a couple of times, but we didn't bundle up and pose for posterity. She was especially fussy today, too, so mostly we tried not to rock the boat.

She's taking a few steps on her own from time to time. She can take one to two on her own without wobbling, and up to five or six steps on her own if she's really concentrating. She's everywhere she wants to go if she's holding both of your hands, and a slower version of the same if she's holding just one. We're just trying to keep our socks on and enjoy sitting while we can before she's totally running everywhere on her own.

The Hater is holding his breath hoping he won't have to go to work tomorrow. We're hoping it'll be a day where we can drop baby off at day care, he can take me to work, and then come home and rest. Fingers crossed.


Cerulean Bill said...

Me, too!

Having a 'cruiser' child is fun. It's an exciting time.

JanaKaseyGraceEmilie said...

So I just spent the last 30 minutes catching up on the past year's worth of notes, thoughts, pictures, etc...Cannot believe how much we have missed. Mad about the diaper rash stuff I read, want to talk at some point about daycare...happy that I had one more day off to look...