Friday, July 31, 2009


Someone is getting the hang of rolling onto her tummy.  She gets all wrapped up in rolling that she forgets that it's just not as much fun once you roll.  She started fussing while playing on her mat just about an hour ago, and I looked up to find her caddy-wompus.  Worse yet, she couldn't play with the lion.  

We moved her to the floor to play on her back and look up at a different toy, but she's rolled over there, too.  And now she's about fallen asleep.  

It's hard not to think of her recharging...

She had her four month shots yesterday, and has done exceedingly well with them.  She didn't need any extra Tylenol last night or this morning.  And she doesn't have goose eggs on her quads like she did after her two month shots, either.  We praise God for small miracles.


RosalindawithDT said...

Oh, how cute. My grandson, Emilio, is at this stage. Do you know about Discovery Toys?
Rosalinda Vargas

Cerulean Bill said...

Very cool. I seriously think you have a keeper there.