Monday, July 06, 2009


We knew she was a child of God, but now it's official.  We've claimed what's already been taken care of for her.  Family and friends made the occasion extra special; we appreciate everyone making the effort to come be a part of this special day with us.

Shortly after the service started she fell asleep in my arms.  She slept through the sermon.  She slept through the solo.  She slept through a hymn.  She slept through us walking up to the pulpit, slept through the vows and congergational response.  However, she woke up as I handed her to the preacher...  and started screaming bloody murder very shortly after that.  She screamed through the actual baptism.  She screamed through the congergational response.  She screamed through being walked around the sanctuary.  And she screamed when the preacher brought her back to me, but only for about a minute before she settled back down.

All in all, it's been a good weekend.  The teething let up for everyone to be able to enjoy each other without many scream sessions.

(The dress was a gift from good friends in the LBG - the wife of the former high school principal smocked it for her.)


Anonymous said...

She looks like an angel. Happy times. VM

Cerulean Bill said...

That performance makes me think that she likes being with you. Can't imagine why!