Sunday, July 05, 2009

Nana's orders

Nana insisted that we post this picture for baby's fans on Lloyd and 2nd Streets...

And this is one that I was planning on posting that Nana hasn't seen yet.


Anonymous said...

Thanks from the Lloyd St fans.

Zuneamama said...
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Zuneamama said...

hi genderist!
Just got back from a week long trip up to MI, but took two days in Lawrenceburg. I've kind of caught up with you through Danny/Susie. Sorry I haven't made comments on your blog or attempts to contact you before now. I appreciate your kindness in keeping up with me on my sister's blog. I would love to talk with you more but know this forum is probably not the place for a conversation. Anyway could you email me an address?
Your baby is precious!! I look forward to watching her change and grow.
My email is
I can't believe you've been blogging since 2005! Wow! I have lots of back reading to do.