Monday, June 08, 2009

why we don't play dress up

This morning I thought I'd post an explanation as to why the pictures on here are of this baby in onesies and not dress-up clothes.  This was fueled by some of the women with whom I work.  When they happen to see a picture of this baby, they always chide me that she isn't wearing a headband or in a "pretty little dress".  Although they have no idea that I blog, I thought I'd share my official candid response with baby's fans on Second Street:

Because she doesn't like it.

And I can hardly blame her.  She was actually pitching a fit during this picture, too, but it happened to look like she was almost pleasant and not between gasps.

But we really did have to get the pictures and play dress up while she could still wear this beautiful dress that was given to her by Janice.  I think we're going to try it again in a few days to see if we can get a more pleasant Kodak moment out of it before she can't wear it anymore.  ...  We wore this to our friend's baby's baptism yesterday.  Everyone was so very complimentary of this dress and couldn't believe it was handmade.  We have another smocked dress that Kathy made that we're hoping she'll be big enough to wear at her baptism next month.  Mom has the smocked dresses saved that Sister and I wore when we were young, too.    Watch her grow up to be prissy and want to only wear dress-up clothes!!


Hi, I'm Molly said...

This is hilarious. Babies don't want anything to do with things that are annoying. I'm pretty sure that getting dressed up in fancy baby dresses falls under that category. But she's still cute, crying or not. And I love this dress.

Cerulean Bill said...

Damn straight. When my daughter was born, I asked my wife to PLEASE not put a brain-band on her.

She agreed. All it cost me was a hundred diaper changes, too!